Instagram is great for four things: flexing your photog muscles whenever you feel like it, showcasing your selfies, giving your mouth-watering food snaps a place to live and Insta-stalking your fave celebs. If you’re particularly into the last part, you’re going to be really excited about this news. Studly actor, brother of Liam (who is Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF, FYI) and total DILF Chris Hemsworth is officially on Instagram. Before you all go rushing over to follow, a word of warning: his first Instagram post might creep you out.


The Thor actor posted this pic of himself hanging out in his backyard Down Under along with an extremely large, slithering and scaly pal, thereby proving that Australia is no place for humans. He captioned the picture, “Hangin’ with the locals in my backyard… the real Jurassic Park!” *shudder* But we do have to say, we’re diggin’ that casual FDNY cap and rugged stubble. Hey, Chris, hey.

Okay, we’ve all been Instagram newbs before — just scroll back and look at your first IG post if you dare — so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here. Pro-Instagram tip for Chris Hemsworth: More pictures of your face and less of snakes.

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(Photos via Anthony Harvey/Getty + @chrishemsworth)