You’ve mastered the art of inspirational selfies, breakfast selfies and face mask selfies, but capturing a shot with your beloved dog is a bit more challenging. That’s right — even a selfie stick can’t hold the gaze of your pooch long enough to snap a proper photo. But now there’s a smarter way to win the attention of man’s best friend. Introducing Clever Dog Products’ new Pooch Selfie.


The Pooch Selfie is a squeaky ball that fits into the clasping mechanism of the smartphone attachment. Once you’ve got your pup focused on the camera, snap a quick photo. The handy device is designed to work with both front and rear-facing cameras. Is your pup looking everywhere but into the camera lens? Simply remove the ball, give it a squeeze, and return it to the attachment. The Pooch Selfie works universally for the majority of smart phones and tablets.


The team behind the Pooch Selfie has a decade of mechanical engineering experience and prior success with bringing products from idea to reality. To support them in producing Pooch Selfies, check out their Kickstarter campaign and pledge $7 to receive a Pooch Selfie attachment of your very own!

Have you captured any amazing shots with your furry BFF lately? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images via Pooch Selfie)