You know what’s filled with even more food than our plates? Instagram, obviously. It seems like every single time we decide to open up the app and scroll through our feed we stumble upon an endless assortment of #foodporn. While we can never get enough of the delectable shots — well, the ones that actually look like food and not dimly lit questionable plates — we never thought of turning all those food-related hashtags into a map. One that we’re gonna use as a travel guide, naturally ;)

instagram food capitals

Food Capitals of Instagram is an interactive map, created by photo printing co Photoworld, that turns some of the most popular food hashtags into a handy guide for foodies. The top food spots were uncovered using the locations of more than 100,000 photos tagged with terms like bacon, burgers, churros, empanadas and more. Now we know where the most pizza photos are taken (NYC, natch) and where lots of pulled pork pics are snapped (London, say what?). Really, the only downside of this tasty map is there’s no easy way to make all those plated pictures bigger for our hungry-viewing pleasure (WTF?!).

instagram food capitals

Check out the full, interactive map and discover where all the capitals of your fave foods are — like curry, burritos + sushi — before hopping on a plane and indulging in that city’s most popular plates. Happy (+ tasty) viewing.

Which food capital is the most surprising to you? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @britandco)