Just in time for wedding season 鈥 a time when we鈥檙e prepping to celebrate our loved ones鈥 special days 鈥 our wedding-guest wardrobe is definitely something that鈥檚 in mind. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e super thrilled that Christian Louboutin has us swooning over their latest launch of diverse nude flats 鈥 perfect for any bride, bridesmaid or adoring attendee. If you have no weddings in the upcoming schedule (how is that possible?!), than these are definitely must-haves as a closet staple, stylish ladies!


The Louboutin website immediately proclaims, 鈥淎 Nude for Every Woman,鈥 and offers a wide variety of options in flats, as well as two killer heel styles. Get ready to stretch your legs up awkwardly to the computer screen to match your skin tone with the right shoe! The flats deemed Solasofia Flat join their sister shoes, Senora (open-toe, killer heels) and Pigalle Follies (classic closed-toe, killer heels), but there鈥檚 surely no sibling rivalry here. All are gorgeous, and suit their own styles and circumstances.

Adding two new tones to the current collection, we now get seven shades to choose from. Definitely not every shade of skin on the human rainbow spectrum, but absolutely better than monotone nudes of the past.

They鈥檙e not exactly cheap at $595 a pair 鈥 but if you鈥檙e looking for the ultimate nude shoe to go with every outfit in your closet, they might be worth the investment.

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(h/t Pop Sugar, photo via Christian Louboutin / Sofia et Mauro)