Ladies with curly locks, we know that hairstyling is not always the easiest for you. Your luscious tresses are bouncy and beautiful, but they also mean that certain styles just don’t work quite the same. But instead of having to adjust hair tutorials to suit your hair type, there’s now a trendy, new beauty product that was made just for you. Introducing: Curlmix.

Curlmix is a DIY subscription service for people with textured hair (that could mean it’s wavy, curly, or kinky). Similar to Birchbox, Curlmix will arrive at your house every month full of all the supplies you need to make your own hair products. Each box (which retails for $30) comes with five to seven ingredients, a recipe + demo link, a letter from a vlogger who created the recipe and two containers for sharing your creation with friends. Also, since not all curls are the same, the recipes can also be adjusted to suit kinkier or wavier hair.


The rad team behind this new subscription service is husband and wife duo Kim and Tim (solid couple name). They’re also the founders of The Natural Hair Academy, a social network for folks rocking natural hair. Kim told Refinery29, “As a seasoned naturalista and entrepreneur in the curly hair industry, I thought we didn’t need any more beauty subscription boxes, but my thoughts quickly changed… after I spent one hour researching, two hours shopping and another hour mixing. I also spent over $300 on ingredients alone, no containers or utensils.”

If you’re all about this new box, we suggest you head over to their website and put your name on the email list so you’ll be notified as soon as the product become available.

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(Photo via Curlmix)