Ever wondered how to get your art, favorite sayings or #50daysoflettering handiwork out of your sketchbook and into your followers鈥 Instagram feeds? Allow us to introduce our in-house expert on all things illustration, Visual Designer Rosee Canfield. Rosee is the creative genius behind those pieces of eye candy filling your Instagram stockings every day on Brit + Co鈥檚 Instagram account.


In her FREE online course going live later this month, Rosee鈥檚 going to teach you how to digitize hand lettering to use for your Instagram, website or print project using image tracing in Adobe Illustrator.


If you鈥檝e taken Calligraphy, Chalk Lettering or one of our similar classes, this class is a great next step to digitizing and perfecting your work. If not, that鈥檚 okay too. You don鈥檛 have to have any prior lettering experience (or even good handwriting, for that matter) to take this class 鈥 seriously!

In Rosee鈥檚 course, you鈥檒l learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator by creating a simple, fun and colorful graphic. She鈥檒l teach you how to draw a design, plop it into Illustrator and use your digital toolbox to make it look poster-worthy.

Learn how to:


Rosee has also included a download of helpful Illustrator shortcuts that you鈥檒l have access to once you download the class. Don鈥檛 have Adobe Illustrator yet? Try Illustrator FREE for 30 days. That takes care of supplies! Seriously, could this class get any more free?

This on-demand online course doesn鈥檛 launch until June 20, but you can sign up right now to get an email notification from us when the class goes live. Just fill out a few deets in the Typeform below.

Pre-registration for this class closed at 4pm on 6/21. This class is now available here.

And don鈥檛 forget: One of the best things about a Brit + Co online class is that you can watch classes at your own pace (because it鈥檚 yours forever!). And hey, if you can鈥檛 wait to get the creative juices flowing, make sure to check out our Brush Calligraphy Online Class and Intro to Chalk Lettering to see what all the hype is about.

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