Short shorts for dudes are officially a thing. You know when a trend finally makes its way over to the Wall Street Journal, it’s probably time for us to check it out. Cargo shorts that dip past the knee have long been out of style, but who knew that shortened hemlines would make their way into men’s fashion so soon? And we’re not just talking ’70s-style athletic shorts and Euro swim trunks. Say hello to five- and six-inch inseams and sayonara to tan lines that extend beyond the mid-thigh.

Here are a dozen short shorts that we are totally on board with… and might buy for (and subsequently borrow from) the dudes in our lives.

1. Chubbies The Hoffs ($50): Chubbies are the rage. They are itty bitty dude shorts that come in tons of colors and patterns. They’re so awesome that they make this blogger over at Necessary and Proper jump up and down for joy!

2. Sun Washed Shorts in Grass ($85): That thigh tattoo does lend itself to extra masculinity, don’t you think?

3. 5-Inch Stanton Short ($65): J. Crew’s classic short is available in 10.5-inch, 9-inch and 7-inch. But you know what? Go 5-inch or go home.

4. La Paz Pontes ($178): The deep indigo hue of this short makes for a great “jorts” alternative.

5. Corduroy West Coast Short ($27): The ’90s called, it wants its signature fabric back.

6. Archives Short Tokyo ($228): Wait. What? These are actually on the too-high-fashion end of the spectrum for us.

7. Vans Sloat Surf-N-Short Wave Palm Short ($48): You know how we feel about tropical prints, so why not let dudes get in on the action as well?

8. CPO Ruebin Short ($29): This red hue is the bee’s knees.

9. Chubbies The Even Keels ($60): No better place to rock color blocked short shorts than on a sailboat, don’t you agree?

10. Mingo Baggies Short ($70): I might have just bought these. For myself.

11. Muttonhead Roamer Short ($76): These look like the comfiest pair of shorts ever.

12. Seersucker Kennedy Short ($15): And finally, a pair for the ultimate prepster.

Bonus! Bradley Cooper Wearing Booty Shorts: Ahhh! But why?! (Actually, it’s for a scene in his upcoming film American Sniper, but still!)

What do you think of the men’s shorter shorts trend? Hot or not? Talk to us in the comments below.