There are those beauty products that even beauty novices know are staples — mascara (check!), foundation (check!), lip gloss (check!). When it comes to skincare, the weather can help tip us off to what products are seasonal essentials (here comes the sun, grab the SPF; cold wind blowin’, moisturizer is a must-have). But there’s definitely a void on your vanity if you don’t have the proper beauty tools to round out your routine. Since new beauty products and innovative tools come out every single day, it can be hard to pin down what you need versus what you want. But we’re here to help! Below, we’ve handpicked 10 absolutely essential beauty tools that will make your routines a lot easier. Scroll through to see the totally covetable things you never knew you needed.


1. S.W. Basics Eco Cotton Rounds ($22): If you’re a frequent cotton-round user, you’re not alone. From taking off makeup to applying toner, it’s easy to use several rounds in one day alone just for your beauty routine. Instead of buying disposable rounds again and again, try out these reusable eco cotton rounds, which come with a mesh bag that allows for easy cleaning — simply throw it in the wash!


2. Crystal Powder Midnight Gold Paw Palette ($28): Sometimes we like to get a little artistic with our makeup, blending together colors and formulas to create our own signature concoction. This too-cute palette with a washable surface and handy stays-in-place wristband should be your go-to tool when you don’t want to get the back of your hand dirty.


3. Z-Palette ($17): Never has there been a better beauty hack than the Z-Palette, a magnetic case that provides a home for any and all loose makeup pans, allowing you to customize the perfect all-in-one makeup palette out of your favorite shades from every product you own. Talk about travel friendly.


4. Beauty Blender ($20): We can barely remember a time before the Beauty Blender, a does-it-all makeup sponge that will leave your face looking simply flawless. Just add a bit of water to dampen the bright pink sponge, then blend, blend, blend your foundation for an airbrushed complexion.


5. One & Many Ceramic Bowl ($17): There are many benefits to a powder face mask, from the longer shelf life to the ability to mix it with a liquid of your choice. But the formulation does leave you with one major question: Where the heck do you mix it? Answer: A handmade bowl that’s the perfect size for mixing a mask with a bit of water without the risk of one big ol’ mess.


6. May Lindstrom Facial Treatment Brush ($30): Alright, so you’ve mixed your mask in a bowl — now what? Get the most bang for your buck with a quality face brush, made with dense bristles so you can evenly apply any mixture.


7. Jane Iredale Magic Mitt Makeup Remover ($15): Chances are, we’ve all had a night or two where we maybe went to sleep with our makeup on. Even if we know it’s not good for our skin, sometimes the thought of sleep is just too tempting to take the time to wipe off a face of makeup. With this genius product, there’s no longer an excuse not to take the extra step: It removes makeup in the blink of an eye. Simply wet the towel and watch as your makeup wipes away like magic.


8. Every Drop Beauty Spatula ($5): Getting to the end of your favorite beauty product can be a bit of a bummer, especially because — chances are — when you get to the bottom of the bottle, there’s probably still a bit of product left in there. Make sure your makeup’s not feeling FOMO with this nifty little tool that helps you scrounge up every last ounce of product so nothing goes to waste.


9. Shiseido Eyelash Curler ($19): Do eyelash curlersreally make any difference? YAS. Invest in a legit curler with rubber pads that are gentle on lashes to get your flutter on. Plus, you’ll use less mascara in the process and still be stunned by the results.


10. Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat ($25): Turn your sink into your own personal brush cleaning station with this handy cleaning mat. The rubber mat comes with a variety of grooved textures to get to the root of the gunk — just add a bit of soap and get to scrubbing.

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