Evernote, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We’re pretty darn addicted to this web and mobile application, and it’s not just for the green elephant. Last week we teamed up with Evernote and David’s Tea to throw a rather epic tea party (full wrap-up post coming later this week!), and now we’re here to tell you all about how Evernote made event-planning way easier.

Here are 8 ways we use Evernote to plan events! (Image via iMore)

1. Make a Notebook for Each “Subject”: We like to think of Evernote as a digital Trapper Keeper or Five-Star notebook. You can have a different notebook or section of each event (or each aspect of the event, i.e. food, decor, guest list) but they still live in one handy place.

2. Share Your Notebooks: Once you have these well-organized notebooks for each subject, share ’em with your coworkers (or bridesmaids or roommates or whoever you’re planning the party with). You can collaborate on notes, make sure everyone is working from the same checklist, and more. Just make sure that you always sync so that you don’t end up with multiple versions of the same list.

3. Put Together a Mood Board: That’s right, Evernote can handle images pretty beautifully as well. Simply drag and drop images from the Internet or your photo library into a note, and resize as needed. The nice thing about this is your photos don’t have to fit a certain letter-size format, so you can freestyle without a million page breaks.

4. Make Those Lists and Check ‘Em Twice: The number one thing we obsess over Evernote? Checklists. Lists that actually let you check things off when you get ’em done. We know it’s a basic function, but it seriously makes our days so much more efficient… and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that sometimes we totally add things we just finished to a new to-do list just to check them off.

5. Brainstorm Offline: Not all brainstorms take place over a Wifi network. When you’re commuting underground or in the air, you can still use Evernote to take lots of notes, make a slew of drafts, and do whatever you need to do. Then, simply hit sync when you can connect!

6. Write Awesome Toasts and Speeches: We actually write almost all of our articles in Evernote form before posting on our site! The same goes for toasts and speeches. The interface is so neat and tidy that you can have reference articles open while you write, and who doesn’t love a toast that includes a ’90s song lyric or two?

7. Make an In-Case-of-Emergency Super Note: We recommend doing this for every event you plan. Make one super note that has all relevant links, contact information, and anything that you might need. Share with all fellow planners, and make sure to always keep it synced. If you’re using an iPad, this is the one you should save for offline editing.

8. Archive Those Memories (But Keep Them Searchable): The best thing about being done with an event? Taking all of those last minute to-dos off your to-do list! The nice thing about Evernote is that your archived notes are still totally searchable so if you’re looking for something obscure like “ranunculus flower vendor”, all you have to do is type in the search box and Evernote’ll find your info.

And, we happen to love Evernote so much that our founder, Brit Morin, will be giving a talk at an upcoming Evernote Conference! The conference is on September 26th and 27th here in San Francisco. Brit’s talk will be in the afternoon on the 27th, and is all about how technology enables creativity.

How do you keep all your notes and to-dos together when planning an event? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post was created in partnership with Evernote.