Sometimes, fondant gets a bad rap. It’s most often seen being used to turn cakes into decidedly un-cake-like things like monsters and cars, but it’s actually a really awesome tool for adding shapes, colors and patterns to any cake or cupcake. In fact, we’re so into fondant that we’ve even incorporated it into our Cake Baking 101 E-Class!


In this class, pastry chef Tessa Huff will teach you everything you need to know about cake baking and decorating in this e-class. You’ll learn about basic cake baking equipment, ingredients, and the methods required for baking a cake from scratch. Not to mention, you’ll whip up a batch of homemade buttercream and learn how to fill and frost your three-layer cake with tips to execute a smooth, professional finish. To top it off, you’ll learn to decorate your cake for any celebration using a beautiful, modern fondant embellishment design like the polka dot one you see below.

But before we school you on everything cake, we’re serving up 15 pieces of fancy fondant inspiration.

1. Fringe Birthday Cake: There’s no way around it, here at Brit HQ we love a good party. And what’s a party without fringe?! Working with fondant can be difficult but this is tutorial is a great introduction to working with this sugar substance. (via A Subtle Revelry)

2. Lemon Citrus Cake: Pucker up for this tart yet sweet summer cake. These fondant lemons are a perfect addition to spruce up any outdoor BBQ. (via The Cake Blog)

3. Ombre Polka-dot Cake: We love when we find stunning pieces that fall under DIY basics. This ombre cake can be assembled in no time with a bit of food coloring and a circle cookie cutter. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Sushi Cupcakes: Let’s turn it over to a more whimsical side with these fondant sushi cupcakes. These sweet little treats are perfect for a themed party or even April Fools Day. (via Brit + Co)

5. Chevron Cake: This tutorial gives you great tips on how to make a flawless chevron pattern. (via Erica Obrien)

6. Mint and Peach Cake: We are gushing over the colors and textures in this cake. Can we please just take a bite?! (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

7. Vegan After Eight Cake: Still having trouble with fondant? We understand. We love how they decorated the cake with icing and add star fondant pieces for a special touch.(via Deli From The Valley)

8. Orange Pinwheel Cake: The bright bold orange pinwheels make this cake a show stopper. We suggest taking inspo from this cake and creating a pinwheel photo booth backdrop. (via Jenny’s Cookies)

9. Nautical Cake: The contrasting colors of navy and yellow always create an eye catching work of art. With the help of some cookie cutters this cake can be tackled by even the most beginning cake decorator. (via Cakety Cake)

10. Hand Piped Arrow Edible Cupcake Toppers: Practice your piping on circle fondant cupcake toppers. These can be done ahead of time and stored for later when you are in a cupcake rush. (via SwtLvndrBkeShpe)

11. Pastel Zig Zag Cake: Decorate your cake in fondant triangles! Here at Brit HQ we are all about geometric patterns and we are loving this cake. Future Brit + Co DIY hack?! We think so! (via AK Cake Design)

12. Gold Sequin Cake: If you thought we really liked patterns, well we do… but we go crazy over anything gold! Lucky this cake has it all :) (via The Fondant Flinger)

13. Modern Chevron: A simple V is all you need to create this stunning cake. This is a great pattern for a wedding, baby shower, or birthday cake. (via Round Wedding Cakes)

14. Fondant Stripes: If you are ever in a color bind, we suggest teal. This cake is decorate with simple strips of teal fondant, which is super simple. If you are more advanced go ahead and tackle those amazing white flowers. (via Cakes Decor)

15. Tangram Fondant: We wrap up this round-up with another simple, yet stunning, use of fondant. (via Greys Likes Weddings)

Bonus! Igloo Cake: Use fondant to create a winter wonderland scene equipped with an igloo! But enough talk about winter, let’s get back to summer! (via The Cake Blog)

Have you ever used fondant to decorate? Did you enjoy using it? Talk to us in the comments below.