When’s the last time you made the time to really look at where you are and what you want? Checking in on your goals is a way to be held accountable, measure your growth, and keep working in the direction of your dreams. Yet so many of us forget to do it regularly, even as we have regular reviews at work or evaluations while marching toward a new milestone. So why not use your birthday as the date to give yourself your own annual personal review? You’ll ignite the inspiration you need to keep pushing forward. Scroll on for the questions that’ll help you toward accomplishing even more in your next trip around the sun.

birthday questions

1. What made me feel most alive over the last year? When have I felt most like myself? Knowing when you felt most alive will help you understand when you’re most present, i.e., appreciating everything you have in the moment. Recognizing when you felt most like yourself can shed light on what makes you genuinely happy, rather than what you *believe* might make you happy. Both are things you’ll want to cultivate in the next year.

2. What was the best advice I received this year?We bet you were bombarded with plenty of opinions over the last 365, but which words stood out from the rest? Why did this piece of advice strike you as important or memorable? Did you take it, or share it? How can you continue to incorporate it into your life?

3. What gifts have I given others this year?Your birthday might come with presents for you, but what have you given to others this year? Was it material items, your time, or talents? How did you help? How did you feel? Reflect on what you’ve offered and what you’re able to offer in days ahead.

4. What’s most memorable about me right now? What do I want to be most memorable about me? Recognizing memorable traits in others can be easy — maybe you admire someone’s boundless joy, people skills, or a laugh that lights up the room. But what’s most memorable about you? Is it a quality you like about yourself? Or is there another great part of you that you wish people would notice and remember more? These questions can help you see what you appreciate about yourself, as well as figure out ways to bring the best parts of you to the surface.

5. What’s something I want to do that seems impossible? What would I need to change to make it possible in the coming year?Big goals and dreams can seem daunting, but they can also be the motivation you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Have you put off doing something because you’ve been afraid? Maybe you have a great idea but don’t believe you can pull it off. Be honest with yourself today: What is it your heart wants to do, and what’s stopping you? Perhaps you can figure out a way to make it happen.

6. Who has inspired me most this year? What qualities do they have that I admire?Did someone knock your socks off or blow your mind this year? Maybe it was a celebrity, famous athlete, or even a family member or friend. Reflect on what you found most impressive and see if there’s a way you can channel some of the same in your own life.

7. What’s something I accomplished in the last year that I’m proud of?Go ahead and give yourself some props! Chances are that you accomplished great stuff this year. Whether it was as big as a promotion or as small as saving a few extra dollars a week, take a few minutes to commend yourself. You deserve it!

8. What am I willing to struggle for this year? Not everything is worth a struggle, but it’s safe to say that some of the most rewarding things are. So what are you willing to work hard for this year? Maybe you’d like to stick with a strict budget to save money and start your own business or move to a new city.

9. What do I need to spark my creativity this year?If you haven’t been feeling inspired, now is a great time to figure out what might spark your creativity in the next few months. It could be spending more time outside, trying a challenging new workout, switching things around in your apartment, or planning a trip. Whatever it is, let it help your creative juices flow.

10. If I had the coming year off, what would I do with my time? Most of us aren’t fortunate enough to have heaps of paid time off, but even thinking about what you’d do if you did can help you uncover the passions or interests that will make your heart truly happy.

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