We of course love Gap for its reliable selection of quality basics and everyday denim, but its latest offering has turned us into straight up fangirls. In a partnership with NYC-based fashion publication Visionaire, the retailer is releasing an exclusive line of graphic t-shirts that morph color when exposed to direct sunlight. You might call them pretty freakin’ cool, we’ll refer to them as “wearable GIFs.”

Created especially for this year’s Frieze Art Fair, the collection features designs by renown artists like Alex Katz and Yoko Ono that appear to be basic (mostly) black-and-white graphics. That’s when the SOLAR ink steps in to switch things up. Originally developed and used by Visionaire in its magazine in 2009, the UV-sensitive ink brings the t-shirt images to life by adding gradual pops of color to each design, kind of like a high-brow hypercolor.

The color-changing tees will be available at the Frieze Art Fair, where Gap is operating an outdoor (and presumably unshaded) retail space, as well as select Gap flagship stores and Visionaire retailers from May 9-18.

(h/t Style.com)

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