Believe it or not, Home alone might just be the ultimate DIY Christmas. Really, think about it. Kevin McCallister built his own home security system in one night! If most of us tried that we’d probably be a mess of hot glue and thread.

The good news is, you don’t have to be Kevin to give the gift of DIY this holiday season. We’ve scoured the web to find the absolute best holiday gifts for your favorite maker this year. For even more inspiration explore this list of 20 gifts for the makers in your life, and if you’re looking to make your own gifts head on over to these DIY gifts for less than $10.

1. Calligraphy Practice Kit ($50): This gorgeous and personalized craft kit includes a calligraphers pen, ink, ink well and a practice book. Perfect for the DIYer looking to pick up a new hobby!

2. Brit Kits! ($15-30): Of course Brit Kits are well worth mentioning here. From starter kits (like this one for painting) to our project specific boxes like the rhinestone statement bracelet kit, there are plenty of projects for any level DIYer.

3. Craft a Life Bracelet ($68): A simple and gorgeous gift made by indie designer Carma Collection and sold on Brika. It’s a beautiful thought sure to make any DIYer swoon.

4. Purl Soho Crafting Box ($119): We’ve loved this sleek linen lined crafting box for awhile. Quite the space saver it’s gorgeous on its own but also lends itself well to being personalized!

5. America’s Test Kitchen d.i.y. Cookbook ($20): This little cookbook is chock full of simple and delicious DIY recipes. With everything from homemade Nutella to delicious ricotta cheese, you can trust this cookbook to get you through step-by-step (with pictures!).

6. Made With Love Stamp ($8): Don’t be fooled by it’s size, this stamp is perfect for the DIY baker. Perfect for cookies, gift mixes and anything else you’d like to stamp and send with love.

7. Ceramic Yarn Bowl ($38): This gorgeous bowl solves a classic knitters dilemma, keeping your yarn from turning into a massive tangle. All projects lose some of their appeal when you have to stop for a half hour tangle break, you’ll be the knitting/crochet hero!

8. GoldieBlox ($20): For the little DIYer in the making! These kits encourage girls to make new and creative projects (and they’re cute to boot!) We can’t wait to get our hands on a box of GoldieBlox at Brit HQ.

9. Strawberry Bear Pin Cushion ($20): This bear is adorable beyond words. But if it’s a little too adorable, you can always get the zombie or frankenstein bunny version.

10. “Blogger Scissors” Set ($25): These gorgeous and classic scissors are the perfect gift for the blogger meets DIYer.

11. Roller Notes ($15): We love the way these notes roll. They’re perfect for that friend who leaves post-its everywhere. (image from Urban Outfitters)

12. Custom Mini Cards ($20 for 100 cards): Help your friends sell their wares or promote their blog or craft with their own set of mini Moo cards. (image via Cold Climate Gardening)

13. Make a Gift Wrapping Kit: Purchasing a gift not feeling quite right? Why not make your friend a gorgeous and bright gift wrapping kit to wrap up all their crafts.

14. Queen Prints ($18): We just love Rifle Paper Company’s painted prints, so why not give an assortment to inspire your friends. (image via Harvey Nichols)

15. Glitter ($17): When in doubt, give glitter! Nothing says you support someone’s maker habit like a whole mess of glitter. Just make sure they have a vacuum cleaner too…

16. Embroidered Animal Kits ($19): Know someone who embroiders? Don’t give them just any embroidery kit, try one of these colorful and unique kiriki patterns. (image via The Workroom)

17. Branch Pencils ($4): These twiggy pencils are a fun, rustic gift for those with colorful ideas and workspaces. The perfect little add on for any present.

18. Basic Xacto Knife Set ($15): Xacto Knives are an all around great gift for the crafter. Useful for paper, clay and so many other mediums.

19. Origami Crane Necklace ($25): A beautiful gift for the origami artist in your life, this sweet little crane will look lovely on anyone. (image via Dot and Bo)

20. Urbio Wall Organizer ($75): For the busy crafter there’s nothing like the gift of organization. Urbio will allow you to design the perfect storage space. (image via aha life)

21. Paper Holder ($7): A great gift for those with spools of kraft paper lying around or it’s been used as a huge washi paper holder. For those just getting started don’t forget the accompanying drawing paper ($5)!

22. Canning Kit ($31): Know someone who aspires to make their own jams and pickles? Help them get started (and stay safe) with this great canning kit.

23. Pasta Hand Crank ($38): Perfect for the friend that loves to make their own food, this trusty little pasta roller can easily churn out spaghetti and fettuccine. Maybe they’ll even make you some special pasta as a thank you.

24. Chalkboard USA Map ($60): Nothing says crafty like chalkboards. This classic map of the united states will let your friends use it again and again and again… (image via The Cranky Pumpkin)

25. Square Reader ($10): Does the maker in your life sell their wares? Help them out with a square reader, Square will ship a reader free upon sign-up. (image via Slashgear)

26. Personal Embossing Stamp and Stand ($40): This personal embossing stamp is a perfect way to help those you love beautifully package up all of their delicious handmade products.

27. Bamboo Pad Wireless ($80): These colorful little tablets are a perfect substitute for the average mouse pad. They also come equipped with a stylus letting your DIYer draw and write handwritten notes on their images or documents! (image via Gizmodo)

28. Carve a Stamp Kit ($30): The creative minds from Yellow Owl Workshop have packaged up everything needed to make your very own bold and bright stamp. Let creative fingers fly! (image via Paper Pastries)

29.Karbonz Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set ($67): If you know a knitter that totes around a bundle of knitting needles this may be the perfect gift. It comes jam packed with 5 sets of needles, two connection cords, and end caps.

30. Portrait Cutting Tool ($120): These tools act like a printer but actually cut paper. To make it even easier it comes with computer software so the DIYer in your life can create their very own designs.

What are you getting the maker in your life this holiday season? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!