The American Dental Association recommends tossing your toothbrush every three or four months. Even if we’re being 100% honest about the last time we changed ourtoothbrushes, it’s still not the most eco-friendly way to go about cleaning your chompers. Goodwell has developed a more environmentally conscious solution with a toothbrush that they say could literally last forever (with interchangeable heads that are compostable). It’s made with medical-grade materials, and the designer Patrick Triato calls it a “modern toolkit for your mouth.”

The “Toothkit” (which we first read about on Fast Co) comes with the base, plus attachments like a toothbrush head, flosser and tongue scraper. Polished bamboo and Binchotan charcoal are used to make the attachments and bristles of the toothbrush. Both materials are safe to go in a compost bin after they’ve worn out. Oddly enough, it’s an open-source toothbrush, so it’ll be interesting to see if other attachments come out of the woodwork later. Of course (of course!) it also connects with your smartphone via an app to keep track of your brushing habits, too.

This CrowdSupply project has been funded successfully, but still has a few hours to go if you’d like to get in on the gifts and deals. $59 will get you a discounted Goodwell Toothkit (it’ll retail for $69). All the devices come with a lifetime guarantee.

Would you use this forever and ever? Let us know.