So you tackle life at Olympian levels—consistently run a seven minute mile, learned to speak a second language, and can effortlessly dance in four inch heels. But have you ever set your sights on the gold medal for brushing your teeth? We didn’t think so, because seriously, there might not be a more boring task known to man. That is until the wireless electric toothbrush Kolibree turned the mundane routine into a motivating experience.

As the world’s first ever connected toothbrush, Kolibree monitors your brushing habits so that you can master the art of dental hygiene. Every time you brush your teeth, the Bluetooth-equipped brush sends stats to the free Kolibree app on your phone, recording how often you brush, your brushing times, and areas that you’ve accidentally neglected. Since brushing your teeth isn’t a science—ever brushed religiously and still had a mouthful of cavities?—these insights could help you learn how to instantly improve your oral health habits. Drumroll please: that may mean drastically fewer visits to the dentist.

If you’re looking to trade up from your drugstore brush or are an adult with problem teeth, then this high-tech brush (price TBA) might be worth adding to your medicine cabinet. But if you ask us, the device is actually a game changer for families with young children. The app can recognize and track up to five toothbrushes, making it super convenient for parents to keep a watchful eye on their kiddo’s budding brushing habits. It’s engaging for the little ones, too: every time you brush your teeth, you earn a virtual badge for your accomplishments. What Candy Crush playing kid isn’t going to love that?

Since self-tracking devices have been blowing up in nearly every area imaginable this past year—from sleep tracking eye masks to luggage trackers and even activity tracking pet collars—it’s no surprise that we can now know how efficient we are at making our pearly whites as clean as possible. But the question remains: do you really want your every move to be meticulously analyzed? Do you really need to know all of that? If the answer is yes, you better smile like you mean it.

What’s your stance on self-tracking? Are you dying to know the ins and outs of you? Or are you content with keeping out of the loop? Are there any cool new self-tracking devices we should know about? Tell us in the comments below.