If you’re a horror film buff who has watched The Shining a couple dozen times, your bath time is about to get a lot… creepier. Indie beauty shop Loquita Bath and Body‘s scary movie-inspired bath bombs are taking the internet by viral storm.

The collection includes an eerily accurate Chucky head from Child’s Play and the purple lips from The Craft. And clearly, the folks love scary — both of those options are already sold out.

But keep your eyes peeled, as the brand noted on their Instagram, they’re gearing up for a major restock on August 25. And with that comes as many as 20 new bath bombs in their online shop, as founder Mira Perez told Hello Giggles.

But in the meantime, you can follow the brand’s Instagram, as they’ve been teasing some *possible* creeptastic additions to their collection.

There’s the bomb that looks like the face of The Crow, and other products that aren’t film-inspired but still chilling, like a baby Krampus, gory “bucket bombs,” a purple gargoyle, and the eyeball of a T-Rex. *shudder*

If all this talk of horror makes you feel faint, don’t worry! They also have non-scary goods, like a Sailor Moon bath bomb (Moon Power Makeup!).

All of Loquita’s products are vegan and cruelty free, and most of the products are less than $10 a pop, so you can stock up for all your bath times. You just probably shouldn’t watch that Psycho shower scene before your horror-ific spa night (or you should, if that’s your thing).

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(Photos via Paramount, Universal)