Here’s How Kim K Gets Perfect Selfies Every Time
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Here’s How Kim K Gets Perfect Selfies Every Time

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is the selfie queen. She’s published an ENTIRE BOOK of her famous pout, and now, she’s spilling the dirt on how she achieves her most popular looks without having to shell out for a professional selfie camera.

In a blog post called “My Guide to the Perfect Selfie,” Kim says it’s not just about the angle, it’s about every single thing she carries with her to ensure that she looks great. Like her own professional selfie kit.

And what does the selfie queen have on hand to make sure each pic is pure gold? First of all, she always has something for her lips, like Kiehl’s moisturizer or a lipstick from her own Kollection. Next, a bronzer to keep her fresh-faced glow. She also says accessories like necklaces and sunglasses can complete a look.

Of course, Kim doesn’t forget to mention her all time fave phone case from LuMee, to show off all of her gorge face.

Seems simple enough, right?

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(Photos via Tabatha Fireman + Charley Gallay/Getty)