It’s always been a mystery as to how Kim K.’s selfies escape the horrors of poor lighting. Does she use a DSLR camera? Is it a special app? Her phone just can’t be that perfect. While she may not use the selfie stick (or the BelfieStick… surprisingly) she does indeed use a smartphone accessory.


Thanks to the above tweeted picture courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter’s executive editor Matthew Belloni — who witnessed the selfie magic in action at the 2015 Grammy Awards — her front-facing camera shot techniques have finally been revealed, and they appear to be… an unidentified flashing object. Which just might be the trick to getting 500K Insta likes ;)

The resulting Instagram was what you’re seeing above — not a bad shot for being taken inside a dark theater. Business Insider dug deeper into what the glowing techsessory in question was and just might have found Kim’s secret weapon. The purported phone case is Lumee and we are kinda confused as to how we haven’t found out about this genius phone cover + picture perfector before this very moment. So many unsatisfactory selfies have been put out into the world that could have been saved. #sadface


The light-up smartphone case, currently available for the iPhone 5/5s/6/6 Plus and Galaxy s5 for $40-$45, is packed with LED strips on both sides to make you feel like you’re in a photo studio. With an on/off switch on the back, you get to determine when the right time for that spotlight will be. Not only will you be getting perfectly lit selfies after sliding this case on your phone, but you can also use it as a flashlight, because sometimes the one installed on your phone just doesn’t cut it.


What are you waiting for? Up your selfie game and light up your social media credibility with this must-have phone cover. Thanks for revealing the secret, Kim ;)

Will you be getting this light-up phone case to improve your selfie game? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via @kimkardashian)