During my recent trip to Europe, I encountered one big annoyance: capturing the perfect (and high-quality) selfie. Sure I could snap one on my phone, but I was also carrying around a DSLR camera with a swanky lens. So, why not get a picture of myself in a cool place using that? Well, because taking a selfie with a DSLR is always kind of a gamble. And asking a stranger to take a picture of you using a fancy camera that has a finicky lens when you both speak different languages is stressful. While I have now returned home (with limited selfies to show), it looks as though all my problems could have been solved, had I taken Fujifilm’s newest camera along with me.

Woman taking selfie on Brooklyn Bridge

The camera company recently announced their newest mirrorless camera: the X-A3. The entry-level camera, out on October 2, comes complete with 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and a better autofocus, but if we’re being totally honest, neither of those is the feature we’re the most excited about.

The camera will also come with a back display screen that flips up 180 degrees. Meaning you no longer need to shoot selfies on a fancy camera blindly. Basically, it offers the ease of iPhone’s front camera, but a much higher quality photo. Currently, the iPhone6S shoots at 1.2-megapixels.


Additionally, The Verge writes, “The company’s really pushing [the selfie angle] with the X-A3, adding things like a new smile detection feature and a skin-tone brightening function to the face and eye detection features found on the X-A2.”

Well, we’re sold. But we’re also saving. The professional camera definitely ranks at a higher price point than your standard point and shoot, coming in at $599. Seems a little steep for the perfect selfie, but keep in mind this is a pretty sweet camera whether it’s pointed at your smiling face or at a stunning sunset. Compact, high-quality and easy to use, it’s an ideal travel companion for any of your upcoming adventures.

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