Jessica Alba has been busy lately. Her company, The Honest Company, just launched a designer collection with The Great, she created a mommy-and-me flip flops with Havianas to help kids in need, and she鈥檚 pregnant with baby number three. Alba just won鈥檛 stop-can鈥檛 stop this summer, and her latest venture is one for women who鈥檝e struggled with wrinkles and breakouts everywhere.

Honest Beauty鈥檚 new聽Younger + Clearer, out August 25, features five new items: Night Serum With Honestly Pure Retinol ($38), Spot-On Remedy ($14), Resurfacing Gel Cleanser (above, $18), Nourishing Lotion ($32), Clarifying Toner (below, $16), and Anti-Acne Anti-Aging Regimen Kit ($29).

She tells Brit + Co, 鈥淚 saw that there was a gap in the marketplace 鈥 it was so hard to find a product that was both anti-acne and anti-aging. I wanted to create a skincare solution that addressed both of these concerns that so many women in their mid 20鈥檚 to 40鈥檚 face day to day.鈥

Just as with the other products in her Honest Beauty skincare and hair line, the new collection uses plant-derived ingredients to get serious results. 鈥淚 developed Younger + Clearer because I wanted a regimen that contained high-performance formulas made with clean ingredients,鈥 she explains. 鈥淭he science behind it is really cutting edge; our Honestly Pure Retinol is encapsulated with tapioca dextrin and is made without the synthetic additives typically used to stabilize retinol.鈥

But as an expectant mom, she鈥檚 following doctor鈥檚 orders when it comes to her skincare (i.e. no retinol or salicylic acid). 鈥淭o be honest, it鈥檚 really hard,鈥 Alba admits. 鈥淚 switch off between Honest Beauty鈥檚 Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser and Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser to wash. I also use our Refreshingly Clean Gentle Konjac Sponge a couple of times a week for light exfoliation. Then I follow with our Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream on my face.鈥

To pamper her body, Alba isn鈥檛 skimping either. She depends on The Honest Company鈥檚 Organic Belly Balm, along with the Organic Body Oil and our Organic All-Purpose Balm on her chest and stomach. 鈥淚 like to use different combinations of these products,鈥 she tells Brit + Co. 鈥淚 also love to take baths using our Dreamy Lavender Bubble Bath. My skin has been extra dry, especially with the stretching, so I like to add a couple pumps of our Organic Body Oil to the bath for the extra moisture.鈥

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(Photos via Kurt Andre/Brit + Co)