Still have boxes of No. 2 pencils from your days as a student? Or maybe you needed one pencil and could only find a pack of 100? Or perhaps you’ve got a friend or sibling who actually is heading back to school? Well, we’ve got 3 simple projects for you that celebrate the orange-yellow loveliness of the standard pencil.

 – pencils!

clock kit

– picture frame

– water bottle

– Gorilla Wood Glue

– small hand saw

1. Pencil Photo Frame
 This one is perfect for recent grads or folks heading back to class this fall.

We had a scratched old frame and wanted to give it new life. Simply measure the opening in the frame as well as the frame itself, and cut your pencils to size using a basic hand saw. Glue using Gorilla Wood Glue and let set overnight.

2. Pencil Cup Pencil Cup!
 Still like the aesthetic of old school pencils but need a container for your new school writing tools?

Time to create the pencil cup pencil cup! Take an old water bottle, cut to size, and get gluing! We used wood glue for this one as well.

Love how the highlighters and sketching pencils look in this playful little project.

3. Pencil Desk Clock
 Finally, turn your pencils into a clock!

Using the same clock kit we used for our Book Clock, lay out your clock face and measure the size of the hole you need to leave. Glue pieces together using wood glue, and fit your clock it in.

To create a stand, take another pencil and saw on an angle. Glue to the back of the clock (be careful not to glue over the battery opening), and you’re done!

Display everything together on your desk or bureau, or give as gifts to friends.

All of these projects would all work great with colored pencils as well, but we’ve got some more tricks up our sleeve for No. 2’s more colorful cousins. What else might you make with pencils? Let us know your ideas in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.