Books have undergone quite the transformation over the last decade. Today's generation is downloading more of them than ever before, supplementing their array of hardcovers with new digital titles that they can get on their iPads or Kindles. And personally, as much as I still love a good analog book, I have many that have been left to rest on my dusty bookshelf. Case in point: my college biology textbook. (I'm really not sure why I never sold that one.)

As I was deciding whether to donate or recycle some of my older unused books, I naturally came up with a more creative way to transform them so that they serve a better purpose: a clock! Thus the creation of my first book clock.

Book clocks are really simple to make and just require a few materials:

– Hardcover book

– Xacto knife

Clock kit ($10)

– Drill

You'll also need a few objects you probably already have lying around the house, like tape, a battery, a pencil and a ruler.

Check out the video above for the step-by-step DIY. If you can't bear the thought of parting with any of your old books, choose a decorative vintage cover like this one from Etsy. Note that you won't want to use any books you still want to read — while part of the book is readable, the first half is likely to get destroyed with your Xacto knife.

I had so much fun making this and have a feeling I might be putting book clocks in every room of the house from now on! I'm sure it will definitely make for a great conversation piece next time I have guests over.

Have you done anything creative with any of your unwanted books? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter!