We heart IKEA furniture, but sometimes it takes an IKEA hack to give those build-it-yourself pieces the right look to complete the vision for [enter X room here]. While there’s an entire website dedicated to hacking every single IKEA product ever, the Swedish furniture company is looking to take back control of its pieces — regularly built or hacked — by *potentially* introducing official hacking kits. One small step for DIYers everywhere, one giant leap for kits ;)

According to Gizmodo, IKEA shared its plans for official hacking kits, (which are sadly only at the beginning stages of development), at its second annual Democratic Design Day. These kits would allow the DIY furniture co to capitalize on the currently underground world of IKEA hacks. If a program like this were to launch there would be signs displayed on hackable pieces throughout stores indicating which corresponding kits would execute the altered build. Additionally on the company’s website there would be a section highlighting a number of options for those hackable products for the public to order for implementing the creative ideas. Converting a stool into a chair with a back or a shelf into a standing desk never seemed so simple.

Also discussed at IKEA’s event was another new program called IKEA Swaps. This initiative would deal with recycling used products — when a move happens or furniture fatigue kicks in — to receive points toward new purchases. This would be beneficial for those looking to get rid of their gently used pieces and getting a discount on new items in return, while also providing inventory — and already built furniture — for a second-hand marketplace. Think of it as an expanded as-is section. Essentially this means cheaper IKEA furniture for everyone!

While both of these developments make us ready to get our furniture building + hacking on, digest this news with a little bit of hesitation as it’s kinda all hypothetical at the moment. Just like Apple, IKEA likes to take its time and make sure a program is going to work before actually launching it. So until those hacking kits + the Swap program actually go live in stores and online, keep your fingers crossed (just not when your building) and rely on IKEA Hackers for all your current altered IKEA construction needs.

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