These days, it seems like we’re playing catch up with the rate technology is improving. But tech has always come to odds with one thing: style. Now, thanks to some researchers, we may no longer have to sacrifice personal style for wearable tech.


DuoSkin, a new device from researchers at MIT and Microsoft, is redefining wearable tech by not only sticking it directly on skin, but making it beautiful.

The “tattoos” are completely interactive and allow users to track information about themselves. Some are even programmed to change color based on body temperature. The tattoos can also act as a trackpad or remote control. But one of the coolest features is the tattoos’ NFC capability. NFC chips, those same things that make wireless payment possible, can be embedded beneath the metallic leaf the tattoo, allowing users to pay, swipe ID or even board public transportation with their skin.


However, unfortunately, DuoSkin is only a project at this point and not available for us to buy (ahem, throw all our money at). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get one. Apparently, it’s a simple enough DIY if you’ve got an electronic cutter, gold leaf and temporary tattoo paper. If you’re really, really into the idea and feeling both crafty and scientific, you can read through the project’s research paper and figure out how to make one on your own.

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(h/t Quartz; photos via DuoSkin)