It seems like the world is finally acknowledging the fact that period pain isn’t just a minor inconvenience (some experts say period pain can be as painful as a heart attack!). And while society is catching up — with paid period leave coming to a workplace near you, period apps being developed to help you track and prepare for that time of the month and smart tampons that make the best of that painful week by helping prevent women’s health issues — solutions for the actual pain are pretty sparse. Options have pretty much been limited to popping a few ibuprofen and hoping for the best… until now.


Livia is a new wearable tech device that promises to be a drug-free solution to cramps. Here’s how it works: You attach two little gel pads to your abdomen, clip the small base device to your waistline, cover it all up with your shirt and voila — electrical pulses sent through the gel pads block the pain receptors. It almost sounds too good to be true (seriously, why has no one else thought of this yet?), but the company’s Indiegogo campaign is already funded, at almost double its goal with two months left to go. Fun fact: The Livia team tells us most of the backers have been men. Good lookin’ out, dudes!

Not to mention, the Indiegogo ad video is hilarious. It opens with a woman riding a bike, all smiles, saying, “Don’t you just love getting your period? I know I do. It’s a great time to do everything I — son of a b****, ohhh the pain is unbearable.” Girl, we feel you.

Overall, Livia seems like it’s worth a shot if you’re dealing with pain so bad, it’s interfering with your daily life. You can preorder a device via Indiegogo for a discounted rate of $85.

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(Photos via Livia)