Among the many movies to look forward to in 2018 are some highly anticipated sequels, including the long-awaited Incredibles2. So far, the short snippets and exciting casting news have been super promising, and now, in the first full-length trailer, we get to see exactly what new heroic adventures the Parr family will be involved in — and we’re pretty excited.

A shady-seeming businessman approaches the family with a pitch to bring superheroes back into the sunlight — and it’s Elastigirl they want. Mrs. Incredible is seen peeling off to spring into action while Mr. Incredible stays home to look after the kids.

“I couldn’t have done this if you hadn’t taken over so well,” Elastigirl says to her husband, who can then be heard stressing the importance of supporting her heroic duties.

“I’ve got to succeed so she can succeed!” he says, imparting an amazing message for the viewers of all ages who will tune in by the millions.

The trailer also offers a better glimpse at baby Jack-Jack’s developing power — shooting green lasers out of his eyes and being a literal cookie monster — and the family learning to adapt to their mom being out of the house on her Incredible missions.

It’s been a long 14 years since the original Incredibles hit theaters, and by the looks of the new trailer, the sequel will be worth the wait. Incredibles 2 will be released on June 14, 2018.

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(photos via Disney-Pixar)