Kids aren’t just growing up faster these days, they’re also leanin’ in earlier than ever. 13-year-old Isabella Rose Taylor just landed a deal with Nordstrom to sell her namesake juniors clothing line in stores this fall. And you thought YOU were a seventh grade hot shot slingin’ your neon friendship bracelets for $3 a pop around homeroom, huh?

The designer prodigy started constructing her own clothes after taking a sewing class at age eight, and soon after held her very own trunk show in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Now five years later, select Nordstrom stores are debuting Taylor’s own 10 to 15 piece back-to-school line. Wowza. The leap from local showcase to global retail recognition is a biggie, one that was made possible, according to Taylor, through “blood, sweat and glitter” (awww!)… Aaand of course, guidance from her industry savvy mentor, Liza Deyrmenjian, founder of the fashion business coaching firm Fashion Accelerator 360. Deyrmenjian, who has worked with Project Runway winners Jay McCarroll and Gretchen Jones, said in a Fast Company interview that Taylor might have been the youngest client she’d ever mentored, but her age actually worked to her advantage because she “wasn’t jaded and had no fear.” All we have to say is: You go girl!

Described as “hippie-grunge, yet feminine,” (remember: Taylor was born in 2001), Taylor’s “for-tweens, by-tweens” collection could be a cool new way for kiddie consumers to make an authentic connection with the stuff they/their parents buy. And if that really takes off, like Tavi Gevinson-style, Nordstrom might just have a young Katie Spade on their hands. So what is this lifestyle brand in the making all about? Well, if it’s anything like Taylor’s current online offerings, we like what we see!

Think: Madewell for tweens. Silhouettes are breezy and playful and NOT at all revealing. Sure, you see her stomach peeking in a few billowy tops, but these are conservatively cropped tops (visions of Miley can STOP twerking in your head).

You won’t find any super girly colors here: Taylor prefers a more neutral palette of creams and dusty grays + blues. That actually seems like a pretty bold move for a tween designer — we’ll see if she pumps up the color for the masses.

Her graphic tees are totally our favorite, though. I’m on a Color Fast? Okay, WE would never, but they really convey a sense of F.U.N. without being too cutesy. Oh, she’s just — how would the kids say it… totes adorbs?

(h/t The Cut + photo: Fast Company)

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