When news broke that a new Anne of Green Gables was in the works, fans were as eager to see the new take on the classic stories as they were to see the actress who would jump into the iconic role. It鈥檚 hard to imagine anyone other than the OG cast stepping into the character鈥檚 shoes (even after finding out where each of the actors is nowadays), but that鈥檚 all about to change. The actress who will be the new Anne of Green Gables has just been announced, and she鈥檚 as perfect as you鈥檇 hoped.

Anne of Green Gables _ Megan Follows

We all still adore Megan Follows鈥 portrayal of quirky, tough and totally awesome Anne Shirley, but we bet even she鈥檇 approve of the new Anne, Amybeth McNulty.

Anne of Green Gables _ Amybeth McNulty

A young 14-year-old Irish Canadian actress, Amybeth beat out 1,800 other hopefuls for the role of a Prince Edward Island orphan who can never seem to fit in or hold her tongue (which, frankly, is part of what made her so lovable). With her fiery red hair in two disheveled braids tied with string, an old hat and worn apron, she looks absolutely perfect in our first peek of Anne.

She initially auditioned online from her home in Ireland, and Amybeth immediately wowed the folks behind the remake. 鈥淪he鈥檚 riveting on screen; she鈥檚 translucent,鈥 said writer and show-runner Moira Walley-Beckett. 鈥淵ou can see every thought and every emotion.鈥

Anne of Green Gables _ Amybeth McNulty

Amybeth, who read Anne鈥檚 stories when she was nine, says of her new role, 鈥淪he has so much love for the world, which I think I share with her. And her curiosity about everything, how she can be so fierce and so bold but so gentle and so loving.鈥

You can get a peek of Amybeth in action as Anne in the first trailer from CBC.

Geraldine James and R.H. Thomson were also announced as the actors who will be playing the Cuthberts, and for anyone familiar with the East Coast stories, this is a return for Thomson who played Jasper Dale in the 90鈥檚 Road to Avonlea.

With the actors being called a 鈥渄ream cast,鈥 we can鈥檛 wait to check out the new Anne of Green Gables when it hits Netflix and the CBC next spring.

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(h/t Nerdist; photos via Netflix/CBC)