From total #friendshipgoals to the only item your Christmas list needs, check out six of today鈥檚 top news items below!

1. That鈥檚 what friends are for! After revealing in a recent episode of KUWTK that, after two complicated pregnancies, Kim鈥檚 doctor isn鈥檛 sure she would be able to healthily give birth again, Chrissy Teigen tells Access Hollywood that, because of her positive experience being pregnant, she would carry Kim and Kanye鈥檚 third child in a heartbeat. 鈥淚 would be her surrogate in a second,鈥 she said. 鈥淚 really enjoyed the pregnancy process 鈥 I loved it. Yes. In a heartbeat.鈥 Chrissy herself had difficulties getting pregnant until her and husband John Legend successfully had Luna through IVF. If this isn鈥檛 #friendshipgoals, I don鈥檛 know what is.

2. Hillary Clinton鈥檚 first appearance since losing the election was an emotional one. Last night, Hillary appeared at a Children鈥檚 Defense Fund gala, a cause near to her heart, as she spent time working there when she was a young lawyer. 鈥淚 will admit coming here tonight wasn鈥檛 the easiest thing for me,鈥 she said, holding back tears. 鈥淭here have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book, or our dogs, and never leave the house again.鈥 Hillary knows we feel the same. She went on to encourage her supporters to 鈥渂elieve in our country, fight for our values and never give up.鈥 (h/t NYT, photo via Scott Olson/Getty)

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3. Kylie Jenner just revealed her holiday collection and it is MASSIVE. Can鈥檛. Type. Drooling. The Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Stocking is officially released on Monday, November 21. Now excuse us, back to studying this picture鈥

4. Actor Shelly Duval reveals her struggles with mental illness in a shocking TV appearance. Best known for her role in The Shining, Shelly鈥檚 upcoming appearance on the Dr. Phil show reveals that she has been suffering in her life away from the spotlight with mental illness. 鈥淚鈥檓 very sick; I need help,鈥 she tells Dr. Phil in the preview, which also shows her describing some of the delusions and symptoms affecting her. The interview is scheduled to air on Friday.

5. Eddie Redmayne dishes on the dating-Taylor-Swift rumors. On a new episode of Watch What Happens Live featuring actor Eddie Redmayne, Andy Cohen can鈥檛 help but bring up his recent favorite subject, Taylor Swift. He was wondering if Eddie and Taylor had, in fact, been on a date, as rumors have suggested. 鈥淚 absolutely can put the rumors to rest. I never went out on a date with Taylor Swift. Although, I met Taylor Swift,鈥 he said, before detailing their meeting. 鈥淪he auditioned for Les Miserables and she was amazing in the audition. We got to sing together, which was a big moment for me. But no, we never went out. She was extraordinary.鈥

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淲e have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies. We have people who make it possible for us to get back into shape. But nobody should feel like that鈥檚 normal, or like that鈥檚 realistic.鈥 Chrissy Teigen tells the Today Show that women need to be easier on themselves about losing baby weight.

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