Netflix’s The Crown certainly has its share of drama and intrigue, but we’ve never thought of it as particularly scary — until today, that is. In honor of Halloween, the streaming service reimagined the series as a horror movie and conjured up a fake trailer that shows the royal family in a whole new light.

The trailer begins with a shot of a car driving through the fog to Buckingham Palace. From there, it cuts to various ticking clocks around the royal residence as ominous music begins to swell in the background and a child’s laugh echoes somewhere in the distance.

“Right, brush your teeth?” Elizabeth (Claire Foy) asks her kids in a voiceover, as the camera zeroes in on her sitting alone in the dark, a sliver of light just barely illuminating her melancholy expression.

In the next scene, John Grigg (John Heffernan) arrives at the palace and makes his way through the halls and up the stairs, passing paintings of former monarchs whose eyes seem to follow him wherever he goes. As he peers at a photo on the mantle, he tells the queen they have “something in common,” at which point the clocks abruptly stop ticking and she appears seemingly out of nowhere, asking, “And what would that be?”

More spooky shots follow — shadowy figures in profile, flashlights piercing through dark woods, a child hiding behind a pillar from some unknown evil — as Elizabeth admits, “I’ve never felt more alone than I have in the past five months.”

Things get even creepier when Grigg returns to where he met with the queen earlier. “When I went back into the room, she was gone,” he says in a hushed voiceover, as someone behind him quietly shuts the door.

We know it’s fake, but after seeing this trailer, we wouldn’t mind watching a real royal horror movie. Hear that, Netflix?

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(photo via Robert Viglasky/Netflix)