There are a ton of reasons to look forward to the weekend — sleeping in, Netflix-binging, messy hair, sweatpants, brunch — and with the winter temps that have us saying brrrrrrr, we need loungewear that is chic and comfortable for doing all of the aforementioned “activities.” We could break out sweatshirts from our alma maters, but it’s about time to mix it up with something clean and minimalist (and sustainable).

New Basics is swapping out mass manufacturing production (aka “fast fashion”) for what they’ve termed “slow fashion” — high quality, handmade sweatshirts, pants and hoodies.

The team from New Basics believes in being completely honest about their manufacturing process and pricing. These American-made sweats use American-grown cotton and have a 10-year warranty. You read that right. If a zipper breaks or a stitch comes loose, New Apparel will replace your pair of pants, sweatshirt or hoodie for free.


The line offers pieces for men and women, including tanks, tees, long sleeve shirts, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants. The men’s collection has an ingenious garment called the stash hoodie with a kangaroo pocket that unzips to reveal an inner zipper pocket. With the protection this feature provides, we think it’s great for guys and gals.

Say sayonara to the sheer paranoia of your phone falling out of your hoodie pocket. How else will you document your morning hike on Instagram if your phone is on the side of a rocky slope?


With less than a month to go in their Kickstarter campaign, New Apparel has reached just a little over half of their $10,000 goal. With a $66 pledge, you can score a crew neck sweatshirt. $74 gets you a pair of sweatpants in any color and size. Have your eye on the stash hoodie? It’ll set you back $81, but that built in pocket is totally worth it. New Apparel is rolling out complete bundles, too — a $226 pledge for women and $256 for men.


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