Chances are you have a Facebook tab open even as you read this. This social media platform has changed the way we connect with friends old and now and how we share private moments. Still it’s not without its flaws. From your cousin who posts every time their baby poops, to your high school friend who takes EVERY BuzzFeed quiz, to your politically out of touch coworker whose rants make you cringe, everyone has posts they’d rather not see in their Facebook Feed. Luckily the social media gods on high have heard your cry and fixed this problem. The new Facebook update includes a way to customize your news feed so you see the people you like much faster.


The News Feed update allows you to set preferences for who you want to see first when you open Facebook. All you have to do is go to “news feed preferences” on your mobile app and then click “more.” Inexplicably the logo that pops up is a blonde crab (weird because we are significantly less crabby with our new feed). From there you just select who you want to see and who you don’t.


Another cool new feature is the ability to discover new pages. Facebook will suggest new pages to like based on what you’ve liked in the past. So you’ll not only have a feed filled with mostly people you dig, you’ll also have an opportunity to try new things.


The update is available on IOS but desktop and Android users will get it soon.

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(Images via Facebook)