Technology never ceases to amaze us: From a robot that will fold our clothes in less than a minute to a drone that can deliver our Chipotle, the inventions to make our lives easier seemingly know no bounds.

The latest genius invention making our jaws drop comes from mega-retailer Nike (have you checked out the brand’s Liberty x London summer floral collection? *heart emoji*). Introducing its HyperAdapt 1.0 kicks to the world on November 28, as the brand’s PR director shared via Twitter recently, Nike’s latest will actually tighten its laces for you when a sensor logs that you’ve placed your foot in the shoe.

That’s riggghhhhttt: No more pesky shoelaces dragging here! Though there will still be manual options to tighten and loosen the shoes courtesy of two buttons on the side (a good idea for athletes, in particular, whose feet will undoubtedly swell and shrink with physical activity), much of the back-breaking labor of having to bend over and make rabbit ears into a knot becomes virtually obsolete.

Using a snow boot as a prototype, the company hopes to eventually adapt the HyperAdapt (see what we did there?) to be completely responsive, so that it senses when you need the shoe to be looser or tighter, and adjusts itself accordingly.


We, for one, think this is a pretty darn good start.

Don’t expect to be snatching these puppies up with wild abandon come Black Friday time, however: As Heidi mentioned, purchases (a price for which is yet TBD) will actually require appointments, and we’ve got a feeling they might be filling up fast.

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(h/t Refinery 29, photos via Nike)