Forget partying. Forget going out. With this latest news from Paramount, we have an idea of what you’ll be doing this weekend: watching free movies. Yup, Paramount just launched a brand new YouTube channel called Paramount Vault featuring 157 of their best features. We’re talking feature-length movies here that you can watch online. FOR FREE.


Plus, they’ve very kindly divvied up all their films into different genres, like “Classics” and “Horror” (take note of the titles in case you plan on staying in this Halloween). Okay, sure, so a lot of their biggest blockbusters are noticeably absent, but they’re still showcasing a lot of their titles. Take a peek at the offerings — we’re certain you’re going to find something you like. After all, Paramount is one of the oldest and biggest movie studios of all time.

The Vault launched about three weeks ago, but with very little fanfare. It’s almost as though the studio didn’t want the public to find out about it. But the word is out now. If you check out their sizzle reel below, you’ll notice it features a lot of their bigger flicks, so there’s speculation that perhaps Paramount is waiting to get some of their more famous titles on the channel before they announced anything.

We know. It’s like, Netflix who?

Check out their YouTube video about Paramount Vault.

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