With continuous cuts to women’s health care coming through the Trump administration in recent months, many women are losing access to copay-free birth control. Combine that with a recent rollback giving employers the right to refuse birth control as part of employer-provided insurance, and continued attacks on Planned Parenthood, access to contraception is becoming increasingly restricted, which is why the women’s health org has decided to fight back, creating the campaign #FightForBirthControl.

“Despite the fact that birth control is essential to women’s economic and social advancement — the Trump administration is hell-bent on chipping away at access to it,” the website explains, asking people to take action to support birth control access.

In order to make the fight as easy as possible, PP has even created a #BusinessforBCkit, giving companies the information they need to take a stand for their employees, and to make sure they are offering the best health care options for those who need access to birth control through work.

Over 64 million women currently access copay-free birth control, and 99 percent of women utilize contraception at least once in their lives, proving that birth control access is an issue that affects everyone, especially in the workplace.

Access to the birth control pill has had a direct and positive effect on women’s income, with wage increases rising alongside better access to family planning options. And even if a woman isn’t trying to prevent pregnancy, nearly 60 percent of women on the pill take it to manage symptoms related to diseases like Endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PICOS), and fibroids, or to better control their periods.

PP has also made it easy to get involved by signing their petition, getting your name on a letter to the President and offering a toolkit to make it easier to talk to your employer.

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