Whether you have a baby on board or your little bundle of joy is already here, we’re going to guess that you’re still reading everything you can about how to make sure your little one is happy and healthy.

Nutrition and parenting is a big topic of conversation right now. There’s a TON of information out there, which can be a little overwhelming at times, right? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to have a degree when it comes to getting nutrition right for your little one. You just need guidance from a few credible sources to get you started. And the best part is that you can find that all in one place. That’s right! We teamed up with our friends at Plum Organics to create a series of 3 FREE ONLINE CLASSES to lay out your nutritional game plan from month 0 to month 24. As a leading organic baby food brand recognized for their culinary-inspired blends (who knew babies would like turmeric?!), Plum knows a little something about raising adventurous eaters.

This series of nutritional courses are jam-packed with a ton of awesome info from real-life moms who are thinking about nutrition at pregnancy, infancy, and as a toddler. Plus, you’ll work through the entire series with certified nutritionist Christal Sczebel of Nutrition in the Kitch who will be sharing all of her tips and tricks to demystify nutrition as a parent.

You’ll also see friendly faces like TV personality Ali Fedotowsky, blogger Tanesha Awasthi, and our very own Brit Morin, as they ask Christal some of the questions they’ve run into at each stage when they think about nutrition.

All of our classes are on-demand, so you can watch the three courses all at once, or you can complete them as you journey into the next stage. Learn more about the three classes you’ll find in the series.

Raising Adventurous Eaters: Pregnancy Nutrition: In this course, you’ll work with your instructor Christal and Ali Fedotowsky as you learn all of the pro tips for giving baby (and yourself) the nutrition you need at this important stage. You’ll cover the do’s and don’ts of nutrition during pregnancy, and learn how to create two easy and healthy recipes to support your body and baby along the way. What you eat during pregnancy can impact your little one’s taste preferences later in life, so make sure you’re armed with all the info you’ll need to help share your adventurous eater while in utero.

You can enroll in this class HERE.

Raising Adventurous Eaters: Infant Nutrition: Your little bundle of joy is here! But when it comes to nutrition from months 0-12, what’s next? In this course, you’ll learn how to make sure you’re including nutrition while breastfeeding or formula feeding, and the dos and don’ts for introducing solid foods to your infant. Along with mommy blogger Tanesha Awasthi, you’ll cover the best first foods for infants, as well as what foods you can introduce later to help them grow into a more adventurous eater. And don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be extra work! You’ll learn how you can make adjustments to the food you’re already making for your little one at home.

You can enroll in this class HERE.

Raising Adventurous Eaters: Toddler Nutrition: You’ve hit month 12 to 24, and you’re little one might be starting to get more picky about their food choices. The best solution for this is coming up with tricks for getting those nutritional whole foods incorporating into their diet in a fun way. In this course, Christal and Brit will show you how to make easy and healthy snacks that are inspired to be enjoyable for your little one. Christal will also give you some tips on how to guide picky eaters to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need.

You can enroll in this class HERE.

Student Perk: Each class you enroll in will come with its own workbook that you can use to follow along, take notes, and access all of Christal’s recipes and guidelines. You’ll find this workbook in the course downloads after you enroll in the class.

In the course downloads, you can also find the Plum Organics Food Philosophy booklet that will provide you will valuable information on setting your little ones on course for a lifetime of healthy eating with nourishing ingredients, culinary-inspired flavors, vibrant colors and diverse textures to train their little palates.

Ready to learn more about nutrition for your little one? Enroll in our 3 FREE ONLINE CLASSES paid for by Plum Organics today.