You can sign and send important docs from anywhere, pull up PowerPoint on your phone and take practically every aspect of your office with you in your pocket or purse. But if you need to print something out — you know, that not-so-ancient art of putting words on paper, on-command — you better find a nearby Kinkos. Wait, they don’t even have Kinkos anymore?! Press pause on that panic attack, we have something better: a little robot that will print what’s trapped on your phone out for you. Wherever, whenever, as long as you have that paper stuff.

ZUtA Labs is raising cash on Kickstarter to fund their mini mobile robotic printer project. They have the future of on-the-go printing and it’s a little device that looks like Roomba Jr and is called the ZUtA Pocket Printer. Their gadget takes the OG version’s important insides (the printhead) and puts it on a set of wheels so that it can run freely across a piece of paper to do its thing.

Bluetooth capabilities make it mobile and a USB connection to a rechargeable battery lets you charge it and take it with you for an hour of wireless printing each time you juice. The ZUtA Pocket Printer’s inkjet will print over 1,000 pages in grayscale now, with hope for a color version in the future.

We love this idea and have to admit that the device itself is (no contest, but still!) the most aesthetically-pleasing printer we’ve ever seen. But minus a handful of times throughout the course of our lives that we’ve been in a printer-less jam, we don’t know how crucial this tool would be for the average Joe/anna. It would definitely be handy to have in your home office, and especially useful for someone who has to change and print contracts on-the-go, like a realtor or someone else in the business of small business. It might even be an energy saver in small offices where employees could leave the printer unplugged unless they needed it.

Watch the Pocket Printer do its magic and see if you think you need it in your life:

Although we might not be lining up to get our docs on it just yet, it looks like printers might soon be a normal thing to stash in your tote bag. The campaign still has a few weeks left to go and has almost reached its $400,000 goal. Early bird pricing is bought up, so you have to shell out $200 or more for your own pet printer to join the 2,000+ already in line.

What do you think of the Pocket Printer? How would it be most useful to you? Share below!