We hope you didn’t come down with a case of WhatsAppitis this week and if you did, we have your recovery plan: Download these five (okay, fine, six!) apps ASAP! They’ll help you with your scheduling, your Excel-ing, they’ll help you tell stories and make photobooths on your TV. They’re just what the app doctor (us) ordered. We bet you feel better already.

1. Microsoft Office Mobile: Yes, that Office is now available (finally) on your smartphones and tablets. You can now access and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhones and Android devices.

The question remains — are you rejoicing or have you long forgotten your paperclip pal in exchange for Pages, Google Docs and other apps you’ve been using in its place? At least for now, Office is sitting pretty at the top of the App Store’s charts.

Cost: The app is free to download for iOS and Android but you’ll need an Office365 account to edit docs on your devices.

2. Photowall: This week, Google launched Photowall, an app for all devices that lets you and your friends create collaborative galleries beamed to Chromecast. Now you can turn your TV into your own Instagram feed at your next party by allowing friends with the app to add their pix to the Photowall. Personalize each shot (aka add mustaches to everyone’s faces) before you send them to the stream too.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

3. Tapestry: This app just went through an upgrade that allows users to create stories on-the-go for the first time. Thank god. If there was a list of “Most Charming Downloads” in the app store, this would be at #1. Yes, even above anything devoted solely to puppies and kittens. It lets you tap your way to creating visual stunners of stories (called tapestries) that you can then share on the app. Just like the one above! Check out more on their site or, of course, on the app.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android

4. UpTo: After a serious upgrade, this calendar app is better than ever. It layers your personal cal with others that you might want to follow. You can skim through separate calendars for Facebook events, TV show premieres, concerts and then add specific events to your main calendar. Create and share one for other people (like your family, coworkers or a rec sports league) to follow.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. Delvv: This “coming soon” app digs up a way for you to seek and find what you’re actually looking for thanks to smart, personalized suggestions about things that will make your life more interesting, productive and fun. Sign us up! It also doesn’t hurt that the featured search on that screen is “DIY Your Way to a Cooler Work Space.” Look no further, Delvv.

Cost: It will be free once it hits the App Store and Google Play and you can sign up for Beta now.

 Snake ‘97: Whoa. Is Throwback Saturday a thing? How about Snakeback Saturday? We’ll work on what to call it and in the meantime you need to download this app that turns your iPhone into ye olde Nokia brick phone complete with Snake game.

Cost: Free for iOS

What apps did you download this week? Share below!