You’re super careful about everything that goes into your body now that you’re about to become a mom. That doesn’t mean you should completely forget about what goes on the outside. Whether you need a way to keep your golden locks from turning brown, or you’re ready to master the no-makeup makeup look, these tips are for you. Hey, pregnancy doesn’t mean that you should ditch your beauty routine. You just need to change it up!

Pregnant women preparing food

1. Hold off on hair dye. You’re not a natural redhead, but your ginger days don’t have to be over during pregnancy. Most permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are fairly safe for you and your baby, but if you’re concerned, it’s best to avoid using anything that touches your scalp. Foils and hand-painting techniques can keep dye away from your scalp, making it less likely that the color will absorb into your skin. If you’re still stressing over your chemical color, wait until later in your pregnancy (at least after the first trimester) or just skip the dye for now.

2. Drink more water. During pregnancy, your skin stretches and dries out, so you may need some extra moisture. Yes, you could slather on the lotions and potions, but you could also keep your skin supple from the inside.

3.Wait for whitening. You’re posing for all kinds of maternity pics, so you really want a bright smile. But you might want to avoid teeth whiteners. There isn’t a ton of research on how they can affect you during pregnancy, so it’s best not to risk using these products. That includes dentist office-level whitening, along with the at-home kind.

4. Use your kitchen. Your kitchen is stocked with all kinds of simple, healthy foods. You’re absolutely fine with eating them, so it makes sense that you’d be okay moisturizing and exfoliating with them. Instead of chemical-filled products, make your own at home. Add course sugar to coconut oil to make a scrub or mix honey and yogurt to make a face mask.

5.Choose products wisely. Get to know the chemicals in your cosmetics. Avoid anything with formaldehyde, diethanolamine, dihydroxyacetone, hydroquinone, aluminum chloride hexahydrate, parabens, or phthalates. This isn’t a complete list of every chemical in makeup and beauty products, but it’s a start. If your eyes begin to glaze over as you scan through the lengthy list of ingredients in your foundation, switch brands. Keep in mind that just because something claims it’s “natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean that it’s good for you.

6.Eat right. The right foods can keep your skin glowing, your hair growing, and you looking rad. For example, vitamin C (found in citrus fruits) may help discoloration and reduce wrinkles, and vitamin A (found in carrots, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes) may fight off a flaky complexion. But don’t overdo it. Just remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor. There’s no need to take extra supplements unless your medical pro says so.

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