Oh, did you spend $19 billion on an app this week? That’s cool, because Google has been working on changing the future and enhancing the way our smartphones see the world with Project Tango. A small team has been working with experts in robotics and computer vision to unveil a new smartphone prototype that can create a 3D map of wherever you are. It’s like if your phone had a built-in Kinect. Only this is way better.

Their 5″ smartphone prototype contains a 4MP camera, two computer vision processors, integrated depth sensors and a motion tracking camera to measure the space around you by taking a quarter of a million 3D measurements every second. Project Tango gives our smartphones a more human understanding of our lives and the places we take them, bringing us past the 2D screen so we can really interact with our environment.

You’ll be able to scan the room you’re in with your phone to transform it into a level for your own ultimate augmented reality game.

Project Tango can help with remodeling — just map out your entire home and take the 3D blueprint to the store when furniture shopping like you would a list to see how new pieces will fit in your space.

A “seeing iPhone” of sorts could map out the user’s surroundings and give auditory cues for the visually impaired.

Still in its very early stages, the Silicon Valley Stork will start delivering Dev Kits so developers can get to work on creating applications for this brand-spanking new platform.

What would you use 3D capabilities on your smartphone for?