We have a gadget that’s going to make your 3D TV feel like it’s wearing bunny ears. Even Google Glass might get a little intimidated. But then they’ll be all, “Um, didn’t you see our new prescription frames? You can’t beat us in the looks department — literally.” FINE, Google Glass. But what we’ve found in The Avegant Glyph is something else entirely: the future of interactive entertainment and movie-viewing inside a mobile personal theater. Glyph, will you be our airplane buddy forever?

Keep the band flipped up and Glyph has the look and listen of the best Beats by Dre with noise-canceling and premium audio capabilities. Flip the band down, and a Virtual Retinal Display projects images directly onto your retina. Talk about front-row viewing.

Glyph will use an HDMI input to stream content you would normally watch through Roku or Apple TV, your phone or computer, or give gamers another way to answer their proverbial call of duty. And while you use it to binge on the next Orange is the New Black, the creators are working on the true revolution: changing the future of interactive storytelling and movie-making. As we know it! And definitely as we see it…

Stay tuned for interactive gaming, Point of View imaging and 360° movies where the viewers can step in and look at from every angle. Imagine peering around corners for clues in a thriller or reaching out to fix Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bowtie in a romcom. Okay. We’re not 100% sure about that last one, but are 100% willing to pony up the Kickstarter cash to make sure it happens.

So what is the price tag on seeing the future of the mobile theater at eye level? Glyph is Kickstarter-ing butt and taking names after raising its goal of $250,000 in less than four hours and there’s still time to get behind this project. Tickets to this tech show are $499 to eventually receive your own Glyph Beta Special.

It makes us the smallest bit sad to think of sitting at home on our couch watching even the coolest movie this way, but we already dibbed Glyph for any trip via plane, train or automobile. And in hopes that we’ll get to be JGL’s costar one day. Even virtually.

Did Glyph just make its way to your ultimate wish list? What would you pay for a mobile personal theater system like Glyph? Share below!