Earlier this week we showed you how to make a stack of fun rope friendship bracelets. Now it’s time to take things up a level with statement necklaces made out of our favorite new material. From copper to color, here are four on-trend pieces you can make with a few pieces of rope. You’ll be feeling like an urban cowgirl in no time!

Each of these has such a different vibe – we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your sense of style.

 – various thicknesses of rope (twine, cord, rope, paracord, etc)

– bamboo ring

– copper tubing

– silver wire

– key rings

 – lighter

– hot glue gun

– fabric scissors

1. Neon Multi-Strand: For lots of layers and lots of color, this is a great necklace hack.

Gather your materials and measure out your pieces of rope. You can a few different lengths so they hang in a tiered fashion.

Fold rope through a keychain and glue to secure. Wrap with another piece of rope to cover the fold. Wrap pieces of silver wire around randomly throughout the necklace (like beads), and you’re done.

2. Copper Statement Piece: This is definitely the bulkiest necklace of the bunch, and we love the exotic vibe.

Cut a piece of rope so that you can fit it comfortable over your head. String through a piece of copper and glue the ends together. Hid the glued ends in the copper. Loop another piece of copper through to make a ring at the bottom. Then add smaller pieces of copper on either side of the middle of your necklace. Add hot pink rope coils to separate copper.

Voila! This is definitely one where the final photo helps make the instructions make more sense ;)

3. Tasseled Bamboo: This one has a summery look and is definitely on the boho chic side of things.

Gather a bunch of lengths of white rope together and loop through your bamboo ring. Do this on two sides and then in the center (which will act as a pendant).

Use a lighter to seal ends. String wooden beads on all three sides and secure with glue and embroidery floss. For the center tassel, cut off the ends. The other two sides will tie or clasp around your neck!

4. Yarn Dressing Up as Rope: This one is a combo of yarn and rope, where yarn tries to masquerade as a fat piece of turquoise rope.

Braid a ton of yarn together to create a solid piece. Loop the ends around a keychain, glue, and wrap with another piece of yarn. Add white rope on so that you can throw it over your head, and you’re done.

We love the bright turquoise against our favorite hot magenta workspace.

Which of these necklaces is your favorite? Tried any of the other DIY necklaces on our to-make list? Tell us in the comments below!