You read that right, ladies! Now you don’t even have to shield your eyes in a spray tan booth, rub orange cream all over your body or lay out in the sun even though it’s 50 degrees to get a tan. All you have to do is sleep! Oh, and put on Sleep Mask Tan by James Read.

The latest offering in the world of faux tanning, this Sleep Mask claims to combine the beautifying effects of a facial with just a little bit of self-tan. The formula is blended with cucumber and aloe vera extracts to soothe, moisturize and create a healthy sun-kissed glow overnight. If you’re not up for sleeping with such a mask on your face but are intrigued, you can also apply it in the morning and let your face develop a subtle tan throughout the day. Yeah. Developing a tan at work without doing anything outdoorsy might now be a real possibility.

According to Kathleen Hou at The Cut, after trying it out on her face she looked like she “had spent an afternoon playing tennis after a long winter.” The glow was a healthy one, but virtually imperceptible to anyone besides the wearer. Even though the effects were subtle, the potential for building up a glow or sleeping your way to a tan for an upcoming event are definitely appealing. Especially since, unlike other self-tanners, it’s billed as a healthful moisturizer that’s designed to moisturize and enhance your skin, in addition to lightly tanning it.

Would you spend a night in the Sleep Mask Tan? What are your tricks for faking a sun-kissed glow? Talk to us in the comments below.