14 Reasons Why Sophia Rivka Rossi Is Our Twitter Spirit Animal
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14 Reasons Why Sophia Rivka Rossi Is Our Twitter Spirit Animal

Twitter may not be the most beloved social network these days (what with Snapchat and Instagram taking up all of your selfie and celeb-stalking energy) but we would argue that it lets you get to know your fave superstars in a totally special way. Yes, call us word nerds. We’ve heard that one before. One of our fave follows of all time is Sophia Rivka Rossi, producer and co-founder of HelloGiggles who will be joining us at Re:Make 2015. Thanks to Twitter, it’s like we already go way back with Sophia, friend of Katy, Nicole, Zooey and more. Take a peek at some of Sophia’s best Tweets below and join us for conference day at Re:Make to see @sofifii IRL — request your ticket here!

1. We told you we were word nerds: We get you, girl. We get you. (via @sofifii)

2. #relatable: She combines cute and funny perfectly. Hey, who doesn’t love when their phone is at 100%? (via @sofifii)

3. Momager: Sophia, you can be our momager any day of the week. (via @sofifii)

4. Love You a Latte: A creative engagement is our cup of, err, tea. (via @sofifii)

5. Sleeeeep: She just flat out gets us. The struggle is real. (via @sofifii)

6. Drought Theories: YEP. She totally knows what she’s talking about ;) It’s not a bad idea! (via @sofifii)

7. Donuts: Sophia pokes fun at our favorite holiday EVER. It’s okay, we’ll forgive you. (via @sofifii)

8. Love to Eat: This happens to us all. the. time. Sometimes the line is just too long, you know? (via @sofifii)

9. Crossword Confusion: She doesn’t take herself too seriously, which we appreciate. Crosswords are overrated anyways. (via @sofifii)

10. TV Gone Chic: Sometimes she tells us it’s possible to watch TV and be chic at the same time… even if it’s stretching the truth. (via @sofifii)

11. Snooze x7: We all have those days when getting out of bed, well, we just can’t even. And so does Sophia. (via @sofifii)

12. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: No explanation needed. (via @sofifii)

13. Chipotle Love: One word: Ditto. (via @sofifii)

14. Fluffy Unicorns: And last but certainly not least, if this doesn’t explain why she’s our Twitter spirit animal, we don’t know what will. (via @sofifii)

Who are you looking forward to seeing most at Re:Make 2015? Talk to us in the comments below.

(Featured photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)