Twitter may not be the most beloved social network these days (what with Snapchat and Instagram taking up all of your selfie and celeb-stalking energy) but we would argue that it lets you get to know your fave superstars in a totally special way. Yes, call us word nerds. We’ve heard that one before. One of our fave follows of all time is Sophia Rivka Rossi, producer and co-founder of HelloGiggles who will be joining us at Re:Make 2015. Thanks to Twitter, it’s like we already go way back with Sophia, friend of Katy, Nicole, Zooey and more. Take a peek at some of Sophia’s best Tweets below and join us for conference day at Re:Make to see @sofifii IRL — request your ticket here!

1. We told you we were word nerds: We get you, girl. We get you. (via @sofifii)

2. #relatable: She combines cute and funny perfectly. Hey, who doesn’t love when their phone is at 100%? (via @sofifii)

3. Momager: Sophia, you can be our momager any day of the week. (via @sofifii)

4. Love You a Latte: A creative engagement is our cup of, err, tea. (via @sofifii)

5. Sleeeeep: She just flat out gets us. The struggle is real. (via @sofifii)

6. Drought Theories: YEP. She totally knows what she’s talking about ;) It’s not a bad idea! (via @sofifii)

7. Donuts: Sophia pokes fun at our favorite holiday EVER. It’s okay, we’ll forgive you. (via @sofifii)

8. Love to Eat: This happens to us all. the. time. Sometimes the line is just too long, you know? (via @sofifii)

9. Crossword Confusion: She doesn’t take herself too seriously, which we appreciate. Crosswords are overrated anyways. (via @sofifii)

10. TV Gone Chic: Sometimes she tells us it’s possible to watch TV and be chic at the same time… even if it’s stretching the truth. (via @sofifii)

11. Snooze x7: We all have those days when getting out of bed, well, we just can’t even. And so does Sophia. (via @sofifii)

12. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee: No explanation needed. (via @sofifii)

13. Chipotle Love: One word: Ditto. (via @sofifii)

14. Fluffy Unicorns: And last but certainly not least, if this doesn’t explain why she’s our Twitter spirit animal, we don’t know what will. (via @sofifii)

Who are you looking forward to seeing most at Re:Make 2015? Talk to us in the comments below.

(Featured photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)