There are a few major modern day mysteries that still currently still unsolved. Did Adnan do it? Is Beyoncé actually a real human? And perhaps most importantly: When is airfare actually the cheapest? It’s a question pretty much every traveler has a different answer to. On a Tuesday… a strict six weeks beforehand… at the very last second… If you’re planning a spring getaway and currently feeling all kinds of confused, we suggest you turn to Hopper, an app that uses big data to predict and analyze airfare.

spring break flight tips

Hopper recently found that overall, flight prices for spring vacations are down almost 13 percent compared to the same time period in 2015. To help you take advantage of this plunge in price, Hopper has recently conducted some extensive research to provide you with a few rules to follow if you want to find a super cheap flight.

1. Opt for a nonstop flight. Hopper writes, “Destinations with nonstops are often more competitively priced than more far-flung destinations without direct flights, and those nonstop options can be up to 10 percent cheaper than less popular flights with stops.”

2. Don’t fly on the weekend. Hopper found that weekday fares can cost up to 25 percent less than those on the weekend. Speaking to that age old piece of travel advice, they say Tuesday is the cheapest day to depart this spring. If that’s not possible, Monday to Wednesday departures are still up to 25 percent cheaper than Thursday to Saturday. If you can, avoid departing on a Friday. If you’re headed somewhere for spring break, Friday departures are currently the most expensive.

spring break flight tips

3. Make your dates flexible if you can. If you’re itching for a spring getaway but don’t have a specific date in mind, Hopper suggests heading to your destination in early March or late April. By opting to travel then you’ll be avoiding peak school vacation weeks when the prices are inflated. The most expensive times to travel from a US airport this spring are the weeks of February 9 (30 percent premium), March 23 (32 percent premium), March 30 (a painful 45 percent premium) and April 6 (28 percent premium).

4. Set up a price alert. While it can sometimes work to your advantage, booking a last-minute flight for spring break is going to hit your wallet hard with year. Instead, set up a price alert on Hopper, Sky Scanner, Kayak, or whatever your chosen platform is to make sure you’re always keeping an eye the price.

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