Everybody has an opinion about when the best time to score the cheapest airplane ticket聽is. Some will tell you flights are the most affordable on Tuesdays and others will say it鈥檚 crucial to wait until 47 days before your trip. But is there any actually merit to these rumors or are they just travel junkie urban legends? Fear not, all you skeptics, we鈥檙e coming at you with a definitive answer on the much-debated topic that鈥檚 actually backed by a recent study.

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The new study was conducted by Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation and posted on cntraveler.com. The two analyzed data from industry sources such as the International Air Transport Association, Diio Mi and the Airline Tariff Publishing Company to define exactly how far ahead people are currently buying their tickets and when they should be buying them.

Now, let鈥檚 get down to the numbers. In regards to domestic flights, we鈥檙e typically buying tickets 32 days in advance whereas we should be buying them 57 days prior to take-off. As far as international flights go, those are normally purchased 59 days ahead of time whereas they should be bought a whopping 171 days beforehand. We鈥檙e not saying those last minute deals aren鈥檛 a total steal, but the risk of waiting could definitely outweigh the reward.

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