What鈥檚 not to love about spring rolls? They鈥檙e so light and delicious and are loaded with good eats like seared shrimp, crunchy nuts, rainbow veggies, fresh herbs and a nutty citrus sauce. If you love spring rolls as much as we clearly do, you鈥檙e going to *heart* them even more deconstructed and served up in a bowl. It鈥檚 sort of like a rice bowl, but more noodle-icious and served cold. They鈥檙e also easier to make since you don鈥檛 have to master the rice roll rolling technique. You can just throw in a little more of the ingredients you like and have on-hand, and none of those you don鈥檛. Better yet, there鈥檚 a spring roll bowl to fit every eating plan, from Paleo and grain-free to vegetarian to raw. Scroll on for 10 spring roll bowls that will satisfy your craving.


1. Grilled Shrimp Spring Roll Noodle Bowls: This noodle bowl has all the tasty ingredients you love in a good spring roll. Plus, the simple gluten-free sauce 鈥 tamari with a kick of chili garlic paste 鈥 is to die for. (via Simply Scratch)


2. Vietnamese Summer Roll Salad: This spring roll salad is reminiscent of a Vietnamese bun. It has all your fave comfort food elements 鈥 noodles, Asian flavors, spicy heat 鈥 all in one bowl. The kicker is the thai red-chili sauce, but if you can鈥檛 locate these peppers, a dash of Sriracha will work. (via Running With Tweezers)


3. Spiralized Summer Roll Bowls With Hoisin Peanut Sauce: This bowl is grain-free and super delicious. Spiralized veggies make a good substitute for rice noodles and stand up nicely to the fresh mint and cilantro hoisin-peanut sauce. (via Skinnytaste)


4. Spring Roll Bowls With Sweet Garlic Lime Sauce: This meatless bowl is loaded with goodies like rice noodles, sweet garlic-lime sauce, peanuts and a rainbow assortment of vegetables. A splash of fish sauce adds satisfying umami to the dressing. (via Pinch of Yum)


5. Deconstructed Spring Roll Bowls: These vegetarian bowls are chock-full of the crunchy veggies you love over brown-rice noodles. The delish peanut sauce is super-easy, calling for five ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. You can substitute a nut or sesame seed spread if you鈥檙e avoiding legumes. (via Oh, Lady Cakes)


6. Deconstructed Vietnamese Chicken, Avocado and聽Lemongrass Spring Roll Salad: Chicken and creamy avocado make a nice change from a shrimp roll. Scratch-made crispy wonton crackers make this one *extra* special. (via Half Baked Harvest)


7. Vegan Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad With Sesame Tempeh: Even the carnivores at the table will appreciate this delicious vegan bowl with sesame tempeh. The tangy sesame vinaigrette is serious magic sauce. (via Avocado a聽Day Nutrition)


8. Spring Roll Rice Bowl: This variation is served over rice instead of rice noodles. It combines all the fresh flavors of a spring roll with the simplicity of a rice bowl. (via The Adventure Bite)


9. Deconstructed Spring Roll Bowls: Gingery cabbage, carrots and edamame are dressed in a rich peanut sauce in this spring roll bowl. Home-baked spring roll chips add dimension and crunch. (via Connoisseurus Veg)


10. Raw Vegan Spring Roll Bowl: Introducing a fine chop instead of matchsticks, this bowl comes together so easily and offers all the great flavors you love in a spring roll without the prep and fuss. Keep a bag of chopped veg in the fridge and you can make up a bowl fresh and on the fly whenever you get a craving. (via Rawmazing)

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