That’s a Wrap! 16 Spring Rolls to Make This Week
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That’s a Wrap! 16 Spring Rolls to Make This Week

With the end of winter nowhere in sight (thanks a lot, Punxsutawney Phil), it’s time to get creative in channeling springtime feelings. These 16 fresh rolls do just that. Filled with a bounty of produce — often the cold-weather stuff like cabbage and carrots — they’re a fun way to eat your veggies, and make for a delicious starter or main course when paired with protein. Those nestled in a soft rice paper wrapper can even be packed in your lunchbox and made well ahead of time. But that’s not all! During Chinese New Year, they’re a popular dish served as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get wrapping.

1. Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls With Spicy Peanut Sauce: Shrimp not your style? Customize the protein with your fave (tofu or chicken both work well). But the real star here might be the spicy peanut sauce served alongside. (via My Cape Cod Kitchen)

2. Baked Chinese Spring Rolls (Vegetarian): Shiitake mushrooms make these crispy, veggie-stuffed rolls taste almost meaty. (via Indochine Kitchen)

3. Rice Paper Spring Rolls: Using store-bought smoked chicken (or rotisserie) makes these rolls come together in a snap. And the flavor works beautifully with the sweet, BBQ-sauce-esque hoisen. (via Dishtales)

4. Vegetable Spring Rolls: You’ll be making crisp, restaurant-quality spring rolls in no time with this recipe (and how-to video). (via Steamy Kitchen)

5. Rainbow Spring Rolls With Ginger-Peanut Sauce: Chow down on a few of these to add a healthy dose of produce action and color to your day. Even better: They’re both gluten-free and vegan. (via Minimalist Baker)

6. Sesame-Crusted Avocado and Cabbage Spring Rolls: A quick coating of sesame seeds transforms the texture of creamy avocado slices instantly. But it doesn’t stop there — you’ll get a ton of crunch from the shreds of raw cabbage as well. (via Naturally Ella)

7. Pork Spring Roll: These pork, veggie and noodle rolls are reminiscent of those served at a Silicon Valley institution. Just don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce. (via No Recipes)

8. Spring Rolls With Carrots, Turnips, Rice Noodles and Herbs: A quick toss in rice vinegar before wrapping elevates humble carrots and turnips BIG time, making the dipping sauce totally optional. (via The New York Times)

9. Chicken Lumpia (Paleo): Choose tapioca-based wrappers to make these rolls paleo-friendly; they’re every bit as delicious as the usual rice alternatives. (via Urban Poser)

10. Beef, Broccolini and Cashew Spring Rolls with Coconut Lime Dipping Sauce: Enjoy this handheld twist on a takeout favorite: beef and broccoli. (via The Hungry Babushka)

11. BBQ Salmon Summer Rolls: These rolls are a terrific way to use up barbecue salmon or chicken. The smokey flavor works terrific with the nutty soba noodles snuggled up alongside. (via Super Nummy Yo!)

12. Spicy Tuna Spring Rolls: Reimagine a sushi bar favorite with these hand rolls. There’s no need to fuss with steaming rice or making sharp cuts, so they’re a good choice for beginners and experts alike. (via No Spoon Necessary)

13. Chinese Chicken Spring Rolls: Enjoy Chinese chicken salad on the go with these delicious rolls. (via Indu Gets Cooking)

14. Spring Rolls With Shrimp, Red Rice and Herbs: Gorgeous red rice replaces the usual clear noodles to create a brilliant presentation and unique textural experience. (via The New York Times)

15. Grilled Asparagus and Chili-Orange Quinoa Spring Rolls: Asparagus just screams springtime, making it a perfect filling for these spring rolls. (via Naturally Ella)

16. Fresh Spring Rolls: The melange of veggies and noodles shine when dipped in a spicy ginger-carrot sauce. (via Cherished Bliss)

Have you ever made spring rolls? Do you go with a soft wrapper or fried? Share your tips, tricks and favorite filling combos with us below!