One of my favorite mottos is 鈥渁sk for forgiveness, not permission鈥 and I have to do that this week with you all, because there are a few crazy awesome apps we鈥檙e going to tell you about that you can鈥檛 download 鈥 yet. That鈥檚 why today鈥檚 What鈥檚 App-ening comes in 鈥淪tay Tuned鈥 flavor with an app or two that needs your Kickstarter love before you can press Buy in the App Store. And don鈥檛 worry, for you impatient Veruca Salts (鈥淚 want it noooooow鈥) out there, we have a couple that you can download in just a click. Today. <3 you.

1. Storehouse: Photos + videos + text = beautiful stories thanks to this good-lookin鈥 app that snagged the 2014 Apple Design Award. Pull in captured moments from several social networks and put them together to create a visual story that鈥檚 easy to share on social and gorgeous to embed on your blog.

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Checky: As we鈥檝e discussed here, the first part is admitting you have a digital addiction. The next step is acknowledging that with numbers. As in, the number of times you look at your phone each day. This app tallies up that likely alarming amount and will even map out where you spent a significant chunk of your day with your eyes locked on your screen.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

3. Yahoo News Digest: Oh, look, another Apple Design Winner. You might pass this one over at first, because you long left your Yahoo email behind. But like the co鈥檚 lovely Weather app (seriously, it鈥檚 the best), it might replace your go-to mobile news reader. Taking the place of Summly (remember the hype about that whole thing?), this is a well-designed way to read what鈥檚 going on in the world. And love that it shows you how many articles you鈥檝e read from different categories.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Paper by FiftyThree: This souped up version of FiftyThree鈥檚 drawing app launches with an invite-only-for-now (expect the full launch by late October) community called Mix to show off, share and re-scribble on Paper-made works of art. Flex your creativity and digital drawing prowess by remixing pages in Mix like you would a coloring book or an artsy game of 鈥渇inish the drawing鈥 IRL. Writers and doodlers can fill in blanks and app designers can even work off of new projects with iPhone wireframes through the community.

Cost: Free for iOS but there are quite a few add-on purchases that you鈥檒l likely make, starting with the $6.99 essentials pack

5. Taggd鈥: Turning the streets of your/any city into a virtual, interactive museum, this app lets you scope out and catalogue street art you see in front of you or on your screen. Geotag your favorite pieces or pull your phone out while you鈥檙e on your next urban hike and (eventually) it could show you art around where you are, even if it鈥檚 been long painted over. Tagged鈥 works as its own social networking, unlocking a community of artists and assorted other artsy folks who you can follow and share your shots with. The app hopes to launch in December 2014.

Cost: Pledges start at $6 (for beer money, natch)

6. Know Your Numbers: You have, probably, only a couple phone numbers committed to memory at this point in time 鈥 and one of those might still be your childhood bestie. Know Your Numbers is currently campaigning on Kickstarter to change that with fun little games that help you learn your contacts鈥 actual digits, which could be an awesome idea for you and the kiddies, too.

Cost: Pledge $1 and you鈥檒l get the app for free when it releases in November!

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What were your favorite apps from the week? Share your most share-worthy DL with us below!