There’s really not much to say about these Salt & Pepper Squeezers ($24) other than that THEY. ARE. AWESOME.

From Flip & Tumble, the brand infamous for their 24/7 bag that rolls up into a ball, these salt and pepper shakers make seasoning much more interesting by forcing you to squeeze in order to sease. I can’t wait to buy a pair and watch others’ reactions at my next dinner party. (Let’s hope we never drop these on the ground or else Pixel might think it’s a new toy.)

While I was looking up more information about these shakers, I ran across two other creative salt and pepper shakers that I thought were interesting. The first is called the “Cheers Glass” salt and pepper shaker ($12) and is meant to blend in on your dinner table with the rest of your fine drink ware.

And finally, I of course, have something for the geeks. Designed to look like two Rubik’s cubes, these salt and pepper shakers sell for $15 and will turn any party into a competition. Just be careful – your brainy friends might get too caught up trying to solve the puzzle rather than focusing on their food and the conversation.